Why Fogging To Disinfect?

So, why is Fogging so effective in Disinfecting? Well, fogging, as the term suggests, is disinfectant sprayed from a Fogging machine to create what looks like fog in a room. It’s the most effective way to disinfect high levels of horizontal surfaces, hard to reach areas that are often missed/forgotten and small, confined spaces. It permeates through all soft surfaces as well: cloth, fabrics, window treatments, bedding, carpet, furniture, etc. This is super important because “clean and wipe” disinfectants can’t reach those places, and not all spray disinfectants can either.

Maintaining an environment that is comfortable and free of contagions is essential. ULV Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application; reaching the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach.

Multiple environmental hygiene experts throughout the world say that wet fogging, or cold ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging is the best and most effective way to apply EPA-registered disinfectants.

Through pressure, ULV fogging generates a cold, almost invisible wet fog. This consists of disinfectant droplets large enough to saturate surfaces long enough to satisfy required dwell times. In addition, wet fogging destroys BOTH airborne and surface-based pathogens. ULV foggers are safe to use indoors because they do not use combustible materials to operate; they are not a fire hazard.

Professional disinfection services have the techniques, tools and most appropriate products to disinfect. This make alls areas safe, and you’re able to return them as quickly as possible. When completed, you can be sure that cleaning and disinfection have been carried out using approved safety procedures, tools and products that are compliant with safety regulations.

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