Power Washing

Power Washing

There are many ways of power washing a home. Whether it be power washing, soft washing, low pressure washing, or steam cleaning. Either way, it is always advisable to keep a home clean and free of dirt and mildew, even if you’re not painting. Keeping your wooden or vinyl sided home clean really is important! Think about it, we clean our cars how many times a week, or month? Living in New England, salt eats at our cars, and to keep them in good shape we have to clean them (not to mention they are much more attractive when not covered in dirt). Just like salt eating away at your car, mildew will eat away at your paint coating or wood, and eventually you have to spend a larger sum of money to replace rotting wood or failing paint.

Then, on your roof you can also develop lichen, moss, or both. These will retain water and will speed up their growth. It puts additional weight on your roof AND it actually eats away at the asphalt. *(Not to mention the car that costs $10,000 plus, is much less expensive than your home at $300,000 plus)!

We have a state-of-the-art, truck mounted cleaning system that is specifically designed to provide a better job, increase our service to you, and it makes the job simpler for our staff as well! With the simple twist of a knob we can come from 4000 PSI down to 4 PSI. We have three separate water storage units on the truck to bring our own water and cleaning products if needed. The truck has both cold and hot water, which enables us to use less pressure and less chemicals!

There are many different ways to clean your home. Typically, a power washer can be used, but we don’t always need to use 3000 PSI to get the job done…
  • We prefer to apply our cleaner at a lower pressure. Either through a downstream injector (adds chemicals to hose after the pump, so it mixes in downstream with minimal pressure) or we apply via a separate smaller pump. More often than not we use an actual garden hose, but we have the pressure standing by for specific situations.
  • We often do a double rinse and use a fragrant detergent after our standard wash to further clean and leave a fresh aroma.
  • Once done, we lightly clean the windows at same time because we do not want to leave a heavy residue upon completion (this isn’t a true window cleaning, and if you plan on cleaning them yourself wait until the home is completely done being washed).

A separate pump system more often than not and it runs through a standard garden hose with same pressure you will get from any standard water faucet. (This is why we can confidently say we offer a non-damaging system for older, more delicate surfaces.) This is also our preferred system to clean wooden roofs, and even asphalt roofs, to remove unsightly staining with no damage or water penetrating through the inside.



  • Most wood such as shingles, fences, decking, and roofing of course both wood and asphalt


  • Most stone work such as walls, steps, brick walkways or houses, concrete walkways, pool aprons, and stone patios. We may opt to use a higher pressure if we need to strip, or go through deeply ground in dirt. Scrub brushes are also used often in this situation.


Stripping &/Or Restoring

One Stop Painting & Renovating will gladly discuss the project at hand with the customer, and we recommend the best system that is going to meet the customer’s needs! We’re able to perform many services when it comes to stripping and/or restoring decks, shingles, fencing, etc. (Visit our Carpentry page to learn more!) Some of these services include:

  • Cleaning older shingles and decks to make them look new and uniform.
  • Stripping decks if necessary, to remove older, incorrect, or failing deck coatings.
  • Recommending and applying proper coatings after removing previous coatings.
  • Restoring fencing.


*** Pressure can be your best friend, or your worst enemy when not used properly. Being well-versed in all phases of pressures/knowing when to use high or low pressure is part of our job. We know what tips to put on our machines, and the best cleaning products for power washing a home. Also, we know when to use hot water, the proper safe distance to maintain from surfaces we are cleaning. We wash more houses than the average painting company. Our newest dedicated wash vehicle came on the road in summer of 2017; itt is very busy washing hundreds of homes every year. We are very safe, methodical, and efficient.


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