Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Before we can begin exterior painting, we first have to wash it! A clean surface is the basis for any lasting paint coating system. A combination of low pressure and high pressure is used depending upon the surface and its condition. So, we use low pressure washing to clean claps free of dirt and mildew even if we are not painting them (we also prefer low to clean and restore decks and siding as it offers a safer way to clean without damaging). Our washing system is based upon each project and its needs, often using multiple cleaners and pressures based on the surfaces and the coatings we are to apply. Then, we allow ample time for the home to dry and when in doubt we check with our meters, specifically created to test for moisture in our substrates. (Visit our power wash page for more extensive details on our cleaning systems.)

Prepping for Exterior Painting:
  • Scraping and sanding loose paint occurs once everything is clean and dry.
  •  Removing old, loose caulking, and re-nailing all loose nails. We putty all nails and caulk all seams on trim & claps as necessary to seal unsightly gaps and prevent moisture penetration.
  • Downspouts are removed to properly paint all corners. (Some older windows may require us to remove loose glazing and re-glaze as needed).
  • We also prime for specific reasons! Most of our high-end coating systems are actually self-priming. We prime to deter knots from bleeding, deter tannin or cedar bleeding, or to increase adhesion. Then, we identify each area’s needs and prime accordingly!
  • We can remove and replace rotted wood! We will advise on damaged wood if/as we come across it! (See our carpentry page for more details).

These are the basic areas of prep that we address. Even more, it includes properly covering areas of the yard and home during our work, cleaning the area on a daily basis, and treating your home as if it were our own. We are as unobtrusive as possible. Inappropriate language, loud music, and smoking is only allowed at the company vehicle, not around your home!

We cover and protect certain areas from the painting process itself, and then we begin painting. There are many application methods we may use, but the application method is dependent upon the job.

Application Methods for Painting the Exterior:
  • Airless spray
  • Brushing
  • Rolling
  • Back brushing

These are all of the systems that we would potentially use to paint the exterior of a home or business.


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