Pack 1620 meets at One Stop’s Shop because of Covid-19

It’s no surprise that Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes, and has forced most everyone to adapt to the CDC’s new rules and recommendations. Our local Boy Scouts at Pack 1620 were no exception unfortunately. They had posted on Facebook looking for a place to host their meetings; since they could no longer use the Town Hall building. Jeff Cohen, owner of One Stop Painting & Renovating Inc., jumped in and offered our shop space in Camelot Park!

Pack 1620: Means & Safety

Our shop already contains many tables and chairs from our charitable events. At that point it only made sense to provide and set those up for them to use. The best part of this whole scenario is that we also have the ability to disinfect before they come in and after they leave. All thanks to our newest division, One Stop Disinfecting. This is important to all of us because it provides a safe space for the pack; all while still being able to host their meetings. Pack 1620 meets every other Wednesday every month.

For more information on joining Pack 1620, find them on Facebook at Cub Scout Pack 1620 South Plymouth, MA.