The One Stop Family Page

Although I started One Stop Painting back in 1986, alone, I realized quickly that I could not do it all, by myself It takes hard-working people, and teamwork to successfully grow. Over the years we have grown and become a family. My belief is that someone who enjoys what they do everyday, and is happy, will take pride in their work and it will show. Following that philosophy has made the One Stop family grow, and achieve goals, both on the job, and off.

There has been much debate over a health care reform bill in Massachusetts, over the past few years. Although we are just a small painting company, I felt very strongly that it was my obligation to offer a plan. We did not go for just any plan. We offer a full HMO from Tufts that the company pays ½ of the policy, as well as a dental program thru Principal Life Group, also with a company split. I do not need to be told right from wrong. I could put a larger amount of money in my pocket, but I would rather sleep well at night knowing my employees are well provided for, in the event of illness. Management all receive vacation packages and paid holidays. We have a great retirement plan, again, with a very reputable company.

I was born a generation late I think. I look back to the 50′s and 60′s when you would see huge company picnics and outings. We try to do the same, and over the years have had different family theme fun days, whale watches, and fishing trips. We have done large Christmas parties, with over 80 employees & their families, customers and friends attending. The One Stop Annual Whale Watch and the Annual Family Fun Day are just two of many events that give us and our families all a chance to be together, in a relaxing and fun environment- It’s just another way to show my appreciation for the hard work that everyone puts in, throughout the year. We pride ourselves on teamwork, on and off the job. This past year the management team all attended a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. We did not do fishing or whale watching event this year, however, plans are in the works for spring of 2008, when we shall be having a huge Family Fun Day, with a clam bake as well.

We are a small company but we think like a bigger one. We do a lot of things here a bit different than other companies, but we are all very proud of the quality work we put out, and I am very proud of the generosity we are allowed to exhibit back to the community. It is truly a team effort at One Stop.

  • Foreman Brian Bass receives the One Stop “Golden Brush” Award for Excellence.

  • Owner Jeff Cohen passes out awards and citations to foremen at Christmas party.

  • Owner Jeff (in Patriots shirt – Red Sox hat) with foremen Joey and Brandon

  • Annual One Stop holiday party and awards presentation.

  • Company Outing – We have a family fun day every year. Seen here is Magic Bob the magician we hired to entertain after dinner.

  • 5th Annual Whale Watch – Always a good time and keeps everyone in good spirits through summer.

  • (left to right) Formen Dave & Brandon, Master Carpenter Jimmy, Forman Joe on end, and Red Sox legeng Louis Tiant in front middle

  • Dave and Joe enjoy the game