Polymix/Multi Spek Finishes

Polymix, Zolatone, and Multi Speck are all versions of paint with large or small flecks mixed throughout. It can be two colors to form a tone on tone look. If you look in some hardware or hobby stores you may have seen the stone fleck paints in aerosol cans before. This is similar in concept but entirely different, not practical on a room of course. We are well versed in spraying these finishes and have applied them to both residential homes as well as commercial applications. Many hospitals, doctor’s offices, health clubs, and even car dealerships have had us apply the unique finishes, with great success. We have sprayed old lockers in health clubs over both Formica and steel, to give a newer and richer look to the older surfaces, with great results. You can think of it almost as a seamless wall paper in some instances, or it can look or give the allusion of stone or leather in others. Applications are by spray finish but not with normal conventional painters airless spray- this is part of the reason many painters do not use this process. The guns are totally different, the pumps, and you will need an air compressor with large storage capacity to maintain even spray pressure (dips in pressure result in dreadful patterns and inconsistencies in finish.

So what is Polymix? These are seamless sprayed on finishes. They are very washable and their durability far surpasses common paint coatings. We have done them in both homes and business over the years. Some are available in oil, while others are available in latex to decrease odor in the work place. We have many charts to choose from that will suit your color schemes and needs.

What can you do with the finish for us? We can paint an entire room or business, do accent walls, a statue, tables, baskets, or anything else you can think of- be as creative as you would like. We can help design a system, or look, for your particular needs. Once we are spraying, we will encourage you to also leave us a basket or other small item that you would like to match.