Interior Faux Finish

There are many different ways to faux paint, let’s start with the actual meaning of the word first, to better understand what it implies.

faux    adjective [before noun]
not real, but made to look or seem real; false:
faux fur
a faux-brick wall

So we know the word faux implies  false or fake, and in Faux painting there are so many options, the term is almost universal. Good faux workers can turn metal to wood, plaster to brick, and even creating marble from plain surfaces if done properly. Hence the term Faux was used for this form of painting, or even art work. To some, it may make them think of sponging, or ragging, rag rolling, combing, the list goes on! There are many different ways to do a faux, and when you say faux it can mean many different things. From a painting stand point, we are going to make a wall look like something else. We achieve it with many tools such as afore mentioned sponges, rags, combs, plastics (one of my favorites) and on many different surfaces. Primarily it is walls, and we can do a fabulous job for you. We have been doing faux work for many years now, in fact. We have many different looks we can provide to create different atmospheres, such as, we can do plain accent walls,  glazed looks, color washes- the list is as long as the colors go, and color combinations make the same finish appear different every time. I will show a few samples below but pictures do the looks no justice, you need to look and sample to appreciate what we can do for you.

We also specialize in Venetian plasters as well; we have several colors on different walls in ouroffice/showroom, and would encourage you to make an appointment to look at colors and samples, as it’s much easier to look at an entire wall, as opposed to a small chip. Combined with our carpentry services, we can also add crown molding, if needed, to really achieve a beautiful look. We have enriched many homes throughout the South Shore area with Venetian plaster. It is a truly unique old world look, but it goes well with almost any furniture or room, adding depth and warmth.