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As a local resident and business owner, I feel that I have a moral obligation to give back to the community. I know I can take it to an extreme on many occasions, but if the worst thing someone can say about me is that I donated a lot of time and money to many different charities, I will be okay with that! It is fall of 2007 as I write this. I will list a few notables down below from other things I have done and update them accordingly. As you will read, I am a member of the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, and the South Shore Women’s Business Network (yes, there are male owned companies here as well). I have also been in the Cranberry County Chamber of Commerce, as well as the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, over the years. We have sponsored youth sports across the South Shore, numerous police and fire department events, cancer, and MS, to name a few- there is not much we do not try and do, as it is what part of being in a community requires, teamwork. We have painted houses for Habitat for Humanity, and we have donated time and paint for Local Art Guilds, little league, and high school booster clubs. We also ran a contest to give away a free Children’s Room Makeover last year, and we had some fabulous entries! We ended up picking, instead of just one winner, a 2nd place, and we even painted a 3rd room at cost of materials and portion of labor, well under what it cost! The 1st place winner, Robert Richter, submitted a great essay! As the winner, he received newly painted ceilings, walls and trim, new wall to wall carpet from Sherwin Williams, and a new stereo from my friend John Bonwitt, owner of Wiring Solutions. I then added in the final touches of curtains, comforter and sheets, and two Patriots pictures, one autographed to Robert.  All who entered the contest received a thank you letter, and a gift card to Friendly’s for taking the time to write an essay. I am so happy to live on the South Shore, and feel it is a special place, and I am here to stay, to live, and to help it be a wonderful place to live!

In November of 2001, One Stop was chosen Business of the Year by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. I had spoken and passed out awards before, at many of our company parties, but this was the first time I had to stand up in front of 300 local business owners and politicians, to receive an award. It was truly a great feeling, and I was not as nervous as I thought I would be in speaking to the crowd.

In 2006, One Stop was voted “Plymouth Best Painter’s” by a reader’s poll in the local newspaper, the Old Colony Memorial. I felt this was a very proud moment. I know we pride ourselves on quality work and honest ethics, but it is great to receive public acknowledgment, as a good pat on the back always feels good!

Jeff Cohen serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Plymouth. In his time on the board, he has co-chaired the fundraising committee. One of the more successful benefits the club has is the Annual Valentines Ball, which was Jeff’s idea for a nice formal party, back in 2001 and raised $12,000, after expenses that year. Funds raised have increased each year, by almost $10,000, and last years ball (co-chaired by Coralee “Max” Burke- her back ground in floral design and arrangements has been integral in most prior balls) raised over $70,000 after expenses! The combined Valentine’s Ball funds raised to date have directly generated over $250,000 after expenses and have become a feature event in town, as the premiere formal/semi formal event, with great music, dining, and silent and live auctions each year.

One Stop and Jeff have been very active in raising money and helping out the Special Olympics of Mass, and Special Olympics of Plymouth.  In past years the town had hosted a benefit known as the “Corporate Games” and One Stop was a force in raising over $3000 each year. Jeff was voted into the Mass Special Olympics Hall of Fame for his work with them over the years, raising over $10,000 during the games, and One Stop is looking forward to the eventual return of the games. We as a company have received numerous plaques and awards for our help, but more importantly, we have put many smiles on many faces. If you have never attended an event, it is a must, as the energy and the sheer joy on the participants faces will change your life, and brighten any day, for years to come.

Many prior July 4th parades in Plymouth have seen One Stop Trucks pulling floats for the Boys and Girls Club, as well as for Special Olympics. We have missed the last few, but plans are underway for a return during the 2008 Fourth of July parade! We may even post some advance photos as we shall be building a float during the winter months of 2008, laying out the framework on the van we just took off the road. We will be following specs outlined out by the Thanksgiving parade criteria, so we may appear in two parades in 2008; do stay tuned!  The kids love being in the parade and passing out candy as they drive along the streets of Plymouth, and my daughter has been asking, so I think we will be making a splash next year!

Jeff has been active in the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce over the years, serving once on Board of Directors during 2003, and several years as an Ambassador to welcome new members. While still a member in good standing, Jeff has been a bit less active of late, balancing work with family and numerous other boards and committees as well. Jeff is a past member of the Pilgrim Society in Plymouth, and has been a Rotarian with the Plymouth Rotary Club, since 2003 as well. Rotary is a great organization that helps raise money throughout the community, and then funnels it back to many local groups and non- profits, in need of assistance.In fact, Jeff is a “Paul Harris Fellow” which shows a higher personal financial commitment to rotary and community.

We are also involved in the United Way program, which donates money directly from employees’ paychecks. This is their number one program to help raise money throughout the year. It is a very worthwhile program and I think more companies should be involved- it was relatively easy to set up as they come down to do an entire presentation. We have helped out area YMCA’s over the years as well, and my daughter Chelsey attends their summer camp, here in Plymouth (she’s a member of the Rainbow Girl’s and on her way to doing many things in the community as well!) and truly loves the camp, and I feel very strongly about the YMCA having a larger presence in town. They do compete for the same children that go to the Boys & Girls Club, but each are very different and both bring worthwhile programs to the children and the community. I am a big fan of both and plan on helping any efforts for a new club to come into Plymouth!

(R) One Stop team competing in Corporate Special Olympic Challenge. We have helped raise thousands of dollars for this cause. (L) This is what it is all about – making others happy! This is the actual Plymouth Special Olympic team competing in the Cape Cod games. We are major sponsors in this event yearly.

  • 4th of July Parade in Plymouth. You can count on seeing several One Stop trucks pulling floats and kids representing the Plymouth Special Olympics and the Plymouth Boys and Girls Clubs.

  • Annual Valentines Ball in Plymouth. This event was conceived and put on by Jeff. It started in 2001 and raised over $12,000. The second annual ball brought in over $22,000; and 6 years later we raised over $250,000 combined after expenses for the Boys and Girls Club of Plymouth.

  • Little League Announcement Stand. In addition to sponsoring local teams, we also help out by performing work at a greatly reduced or free rate to local youth organizations.

  • Jeff running the camera at Rotary Charity Auction