Commercial Work

One Stop is not only a residential contractor, but commercial as well. Since we work both sectors, it is a benefit to all involved. We are very clean and conscientious of those around us, and their needs. We work within your time frames to accommodate your needs; be it a store opening, working after hours as to not inconvenience your customers or employees, or working on entry areas prior to or after your closing- we service all of your needs. We use the same quality, consideration, and timeliness in all aspects of our work. If we are painting a restaurant, we are sure to do any common areas during off hours. When in offices we can work around any situation you have, remember we are used to working around tight quarters, furniture, pets, and children so your office is in good hands! We keep all materials out of the way. We have worked in many hospitals and nursing homes, so we are sure to keep all tools safe to avoid any accidents with our unattended tools. We work very safely, and we do a wide variety of projects, that many other local contractors would not know how to do. From the dome atop the Carver Town Hall, many flagpoles thru out the area, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and area office buildings, our work and our quality speak volumes for what you can expect from a One Stop project. Sometimes you will not even realize we are there working, we are quite, neat, and clean. We mark our areas with wet paint signs when needed, or tape off the areas for safety. We use OSHA approved staging and have it installed by certified contractors when needed, we have our own fall gear when working on lifts. We perform work of all sizes, be it a small store or an entire strip mall, a single bathroom or the entire wing of a hospital. We have done many projects in the area and have many great references to provide upon request. We would look forward to looking at any project you would like done.

  • Purple Building (Light and Leisure) in Kingston, my favorite color as well!

  • North Plymouth Office Building

  • Carver Library Project

  • New Honey Dew Donuts, concrete coating applied

  • Interior Marty’s GMC

  • Bangkok Thai in Plymouth Center

  • Jamies Pub & Grill, Marshfield (we also have done the other locations in chain including Braintree, Whitman, and prior location in Plymouth)

  • Spraying “dryfall”coating to new ceiling work

  • Spraying “dryfall”coating to new ceiling work

  • Spraying “dryfall”coating to new ceiling work Finished Job! (Plymouth Colony Place Shopping Center, “The Children’s Place”)

  • Brockton YMCA – Rust is ground off building

  • Special metal paint applied

  • Blessed Kateri Church in Plymouth, MA

  • Interior of Old Plymouth Library circa early 1900′s being renovated as the new home of the “Plymouth Art Guild”

  • “Plymouth Art Guild” Renovation

  • “Plymouth Art Guild” Renovation

  • “Plymouth Art Guild” Renovation

  • Offices – a specialty!

  • Hallmark Store – Interior Painting

  • East Bay Grill – Plymouth