Carpentry Division

One Stop Painting has always been the premier company for treating your paint coatings on the south shore, but now we are expanding to service the ever growing needs in the carpentry field as well! Over the years it has become more and more obvious that given the quality of wood and windows used in the 80′s (and some still currently in use) there is now a huge need for wood replacement occurring at a rapid rate. Wood is failing and rotting in some cases after just a few years, less than the life of the paint coating itself in some instances. It was hard to find a carpenter to come in on our schedule, on all our jobs when needed to repair windows, replace rotted trim and sills, resurface decks, and replace siding or the many other areas of concern we come across when painting. Small jobs were especially tough to get someone to take care of. The best way was to just set up and do it ourselves; after all, we are your One Stop for quality!

We are now proud to say we boast an in house carpentry division with the same great quality our customers have come to expect of our coatings. We can come in and replace a singles sill or corner board, or spend a week or two going thru the entire house. We can re-surface decks as needed; add a shower stall, what ever you may need. If your current deck is peeling badly and needs to be replaced we can install a nice new hard wood surface and seal it at same time, or a low maintenance Trex system. We can even help out inside by adding in crown molding, chair rails, or a custom closet designed for your needs! Call now to let us show you what we can do, we also work with Azek trim to lower your maintenance needs (we prefer surfaces that will last longer and hold paint better even of it means less work for us- we hope you will have us back to do some interior work, or be kind enough to pass our name along to friends and neighbors)
One Stop is your only call needed to get the best painting and home repairs made. We do not sub contract our work, strictly with actual employees. If you need something done that is not our field of expertise, we will gladly give you a card or refer you to a professional in their field. We have established a very good network of likewise quality minded people to avoid any shoddy workmanship. We prefer to provide high quality service and craftsmanship, and all our referrals shall be of the same mind set.

Newest truck on road – Summer ’07
Carpentry Division